SM Design represents the brands at the all  possible areas on behalf of brands for 11 years. It has entered into advertising and marketing sector in 2004.

We take part in the actual project of retail sales points ( POP and POS) .

It has  the wood and metal production facilities in 2007, and included the injection production line in early 2013.

Today, with multiple production facilities, provide a multi-brand design, production , installation  and logistics support in the World and Turkey.

SM Design also exports stands to Europe and the Middle East.

By signing the digital projects in 2014 under the name of SM Tech, made a quick introduction to the technology sector .

Still the company continues to work in different fields.



  • 3D Design

  • 2D Design


    Social Media Managament

    Sadece Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest veya Foursquare kullanan müşteri adaylarınız veya müşterileriniz için değil, aynı zamanda Google, Yandex veya Bing sıralamalarında üst sıralarda olmanız için de sosyal medya etkin bir yöntemdir.


    2006’dan itibaren 4 kat büyüyen sosyal medya etkisi, günümüzde her alanda kendini göstermektedir.


    İletişimin en güzel yöntemlerinden olan sosyal medya sayesinde markanızın etkinliğini arttırırken satışlarınızı da katlayabilirsiniz.

    SM Design'ın konusunda uzman ekibi sayesinde sektörünüze, hedef kitlenize ve markanıza en uygun strateji oluşturulur. SM Design tarafından yaratılacak doğru strateji ile hedeflerinize ulaşabileceksiniz. Peki Sm Design sosyal medyayı etkin kullanmanız için neler yapacak? Inbound Pazarlama konusunda uzman ekibimiz sosyal medyadaki tecrübesi sayesinde güncel stratejilerle size yardımcı olacaktır.


    Sosyal Medya Yönetiminin Getirileri


    – Hesaplarınızın kurulumu ya da revize edilmesi,

    – Hedef kitlenizin belirlenerek hesabınızı takip etmelerinin sağlanması,

    – Kampanyalarınızı destekleyecek yarışma ya da özel gün ödüllendirmelerinin hazırlanması ve uygulanması,

    – Bu platformlarda yayınlanacak olan içeriklerin hazırlanması (Görsel/Metin), yayınlanması ve takibi

    – Moderasyon,

    – Raporlama,

    – Sosyal medya veri analizi,

    – Marka fanatiklerinizin oluşturulması,

    – Etki alanınızın arttırılması,

    – Marka imajınızın yönetimi

  • Photograph Video Production

  • Tracking Systems

    Are you a motorbike owner? Mototrack device uses energy of motor’s electric system like any other fixing in accordance with the industry standards.


    İt contains a 900 mA Lithium polymer battery. A certain period after parking a motorbike it will go into stand-by mode and ensure energy saving. It can stay in energy-saving mode for about 20 days (if a motorbike is not going to be used for more, we advise to detach the device). In case of movement caught by sensors you get a warning message on your mobile. Built-in battery is able to provide location of your vehicle for at least 3 hours independently from accumulator and for 48 hours using the accumulator. In case of stealing it allows you to track your motorbike.


    Mototrack device and its software is developed and made in Turkey. All engineering, research and development are carried out in Teknopark by actively functioning companies. We are totally different from low-quality Far Eastern brands.Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Always up-to-date maps of Turkey we use in our application are made for TOM TOM and TeleAtlas, they are updated 4 times a year. Nearly a million closest facilities (gas stations, hospitals, shopping malls, restaurants) are marked on the map for your convenience.


    Mototrack keeps a track on your motorcycle and positive experience 7/24. Mototrack can be bought from our authorised retailers. As the new features are continuously added all users will be notified of our updates and can download a new version from AppStore and GoogleStore.


    We wish you a safe journey!


    Detaylı bilgi için

  • Beacon Technologies

    Beacon Technology


    Beacon is a new location defining infrastructure using Bluetooth Low energy 4.0 technology, using which smartphone users are able to identify indoor location, find requested content and be provided with notifications. It has a range up to 60 meters. Battery life is 2 to 4 years depending on the signal frequency and conditions of of use. İt is supported by Bluetooth 4.0, Android and Windows phones. There is no need to connect two gadgets via bluetooth, you only need to have your phone’s bluetooth open to let the system work.


    What is it for?


    Beacon at University: Provides campus announcements, correct monitoring, administration and interaction between students; lets to know the number of students in each classroom, number of students busy with an activity, provides acess without an ID.


    Beacon at a shopping mall: identifies number of buyers entered in real time, helps to get to the desired product, informs about discounts and special offers, keeps track on employees.


    Beacon and marketing: Send your clients a welcoming message, let them access information about the content of your product, allows to create a permanent customer portfolio, provides control of employees and brands stock- in-trade.


    Beacon in a cinema: Provides daily, weekly, monthly attendance rates, can share feedback on social networks, informs about discounts and special offers, allows to buy an e- ticket.


    Beacon in a museum: allows to get information about a piece of art approached in a few seconds, collects and shows the number of people interested in the same piece of art, gives a chance to win treats from museum’s cafe, buy an e-ticket, shows the most preferred ways and time.


    Beacon in merchandiser control: keep track of employees, stands, goods in the storage rooms; control storeroom’s entrance and exit.


  • Solas Light (Safety of Life at Sea Lights)


    - Qualifies IMO Resolution MSC.81 (70) / SOLAS / Marine Equipment Directive

    - This product is additional equipment to a lifejacket and is used as a lifejacket’s light

    - Minimum 8 hours of light and 50-70 flash blips in a minute

    - Automatical/ manual modes availlable

    - 5 years shelf-life lithium battery

    - The torch is easy to attach to the lifejacket thanks to the plastic buckle

Sm Design Film Production Advertisement Organization Industry Co. Ltd.


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